SAT Vocabulary Definitions

aberrationnnot usual
abnormalanot conforming to a standard type
abruptasudden or unexpected
absolutistnbeliever in unrestricted government power
abstracta | ntheoretical | summary of a text
abstruseahard to understand, baffling
absurdasenseless; illogical
accessibleaobtainable; easy to approach
accumulatevgather; collect
acumennkeen insight; shrewdness
adeptaskilled; expert
admonishvwarn, caution; advise against
adroitacleverly , resourceful, or ingenious
advantageousafurnishing convenience or opportunity
advocatevspeak or write in favor of
aesthetensomeone who appreciates beauties of art
aestheticaa sense of the beauties of art or nature
afflict, afflictionv, ncause mental or bodily pain
aggregationna group of distinct or varied things
agitatevdisturbed, troubled
agnosticaundecided - often about the existence of God
agreeableaenjoyable; pleasant
alacritynquickness; promptness
allegevassert without proof
alleviatevmake easier to endure; lessen
allusionna passing reference
aloofadisinterested; reserved
altruismnunselfish concern for others
amalgam, amalgamationnmixture or combination
amassvcollect, gather
amateurishainexperienced or unskilled
ambiguousahaving different possible meanings
ambitionndesire for achievement
amelioratevimprove; make more bearable
amiableapleasant, good-natured
amusedapleasurably entertained or occupied
anachronisticanot in the correct historical time
analyticalabreaking into parts to study
anatomynthe structure of an animal or plant
anecdotena short story
animate, animatedv | amake lively | give life to
animositynstrong dislike
anomalyndeviation from normal
antagonize, antagonisticv, amake hostile or unfriendly
anthropologynscience of human civilization
anticipatevrealize beforehand, foresee
antipodendirect or exact opposite
apathy, apatheticn, alack of interest, passion or emotion
apoliticalanot interested or involved in politics or government
appallingacausing dismay or horror
apparitionnsupernatural appearance
appreciationngratitude, thankful recognition
apprehendvarrest by legal authority
apprehension, apprehensivenfear, fearful
aptitudencapability; ability; talent
arbitrationnsettlement of a dispute by a third person
arborealaliving in or among trees
arcaneaunderstood by very few; obscure, esoteric; secret
archaicamarked by the characteristics of an earlier period
argumentativeafond of disagreeing
aromanscent, smell
arrogancenoffensive display of superiority or self-importance
articulatea | vspeaking easily and fluently | say clearly
artistrynskillfulness in the arts
ascertainvfind out definitely
aspersionndamaging remark, smear, slander
assessvjudge the value
associatev | nconnect; relate | ally
assuagevmake less severe; relieve
attainvreach, achieve, or accomplish
audiblealoud enough to be heard
augmentvmake larger
auralarelating to the ear or sound
auspiciousapromising success; favorable
authenticatevestablish as genuine
autobiographynperson's life history written by that person
autonomynindependence; freedom
avuncularafriendly, helpful
awakenedaaroused or activated
backfirevopposite result to what is planned
baffled, baffle, bafflementa,v, nconfused, bewildered, perplexed
banalalack of freshness or originality, trite
bankruptaunable to pay bills, insolvent
barragenoverwhelming quantity
bartervtrade with goods rather than money
beautifulaintensely pleasing to the mind
beautifyvmake pleasing to look at
begrudgevenvy, resent; be reluctant to give
belaborvworry about or work more than necessary
believshow to be false; contradict
belittlevregard or portray as less important
bellicoseaeager to fight; aggressively hostile
belligerentawarlike, aggressively hostile; pugnacious
beneficialahelpful, advantageous
benevolentawith goodwill or kindly feelings
benignashowing kindness; favorable; not malignant
bereftadeprived; lacking
bewildervconfuse or puzzle completely
bifurcationndivision into two branches
bolsterv, nsupport; reinforce; strengthen
boomerangn | vbent throwing club that returns | backfire
boorishacrude, insensitive
breakthroughnsignificant advance, development, or achievement
brevitynshortness of time; briefness
bucolicarural, pastoral
bureaucracynadministrative structure of a large organization
byzantineacomplex, intricate
cacophonynharsh sound
callousainsensitive, indifferent; hardened
candidahonest; impartial
cantankerousagrumpy; disagreeable; contentious
capriciousaerratic; random; whimsical
cataloguen | vlist | enter into a list
catalystnsomething that brings about an event or change
celebratedarenowned, well-known, famous
censurevcriticize in a harsh manner
chaoticacompletely confused or disordered
charity, charitablen, agenerosity toward the poor, ill, or helpless
chicaneryntrickery, deception
chidevexpress disapproval of
churlisharude or surly
circumscribevenclose within bounds; limit or confine
circumventvbypass; avoid
clairvoyantn, aable to tell the future
clarifyvmake clear
cleansevmake unsoiled
coalitionntemporary alliance
coddlevtreat tenderly or indulgently; pamper
coercevcompel by force or intimidation
cognitionnsomething known or perceived
collaborativeaaccomplished by two or more people
comelyapleasing in appearance, attractive
commendableaworthy of praise
compassionateafeeling sympathy and a desire to help
compensatevcounterbalance, offset
complacentacontented, satisfied
complimentaryaexpressing praise or admiration; given free
compoundn, vcombination; mixture
comprehensiveaof large scope, covering much
compressvpress together; force into less space
compromisev | nagree; expose to danger | trade-off, concession
compulsiveacompelling; irresistibly impulsive
conceptionnnotion, idea; origination, beginning
concessionnsomething given by an authority
conciliate, conciliatoryv, areconcile; create agreement
conciseaexpressing much in few words
conclusiveafinal; ending
concord, concordancenagreement
condemn, condemnationv, npronounce guilty; punish; publicly criticize
condescendingasnooty; snobbish; disdainful; supercilious
conditionalamade or allowed on certain terms
condonevexcuse (an offense); give approval to
conduciveahelpful, favorable
confessvadmit or own up to
confinevenclose within bounds; limit or restrict
confirmvestablish the validity of, verify
conformity, conformistnfollowing the group
confoundvperplex, confuse, baffle
confrontationalaeager for conflict
conjecturenstatement or conclusion based on guesswork
conscientiousameticulous, careful, painstaking, particular
consecrate, consecrationv, nmake or declare sacred
conservatismnpreserving what is established and traditional
considerateashowing kindly awareness for others' feelings
consolevalleviate the grief of
consolidatevconcentrate; combine
conspicuousaattracting attention
constructiveapromoting further development or advancement
consumevdestroy or expend by use; eat
consummatev | acomplete | perfect
contagiousaspread from person to person
contaminatevmake impure or unclean
contempt, contemptible, contemptuousn, ahatred, anger
contendvcompete; assert earnestly
contradictvassert the opposite of
contrastvshow differences
convenevmeet formally as a group
convergevmeet at the same point
conversationalainformal language
convictionna fixed or firm belief; the act of proving guilty
convivialafriendly; agreeable
convolutedacomplicated; confusing
cooperationnworking together (agreeably)
corollaryneasily drawn conclusion; immediate consequence
correctivena fix
correlationnsimilarity; link
correspondvin agreement; conformity; analogous; similar
corroboratevmake more certain, confirm
corrosiveaeroding or eating away; harmful, destructive
cosmopolitanamixing many cultures or ethnicities; cultured
courteousahaving good manners, polite
cowardicenfear, lack of courage
credencenbelief as to the truth of something
credulitynwillingness to believe or trust too readily
criticize, criticv, njudge or evaluate, usually negatively
critiquencritical review or commentary
crypticamysterious in meaning; ambiguous
culminatevreach the highest point or degree; climax; finish
cultivatevfarm; promote growth by labor and attention
cumulativeasum total
curativearestores health
curiousaeager to learn or know, inquisitive
cursoryahasty; superficial
curtailvcut short
customaryatypical; usual
cynical, cynicisma, nnegative; pessimistic; skeptical; jaded; distrustful
deafeningastunningly or overwhelmingly loud
dearthnan inadequate supply, scarcity, lack
debaclena complete collapse or failure
debilitatevmake weak or feeble
debunkvexpose as false
deceit, deceiven, vlie; falsehood; trick; chicanery
decimatevdestroy a great number or proportion
deciphervdiscover the meaning; decode
defer, defermentv, nput off an action to a future time
deference, deferentialn, arespectful submission or courteous regard
defiancenresistance; strong opposition
deficitnlack; shortage
definitiveamost reliable or complete
deflate, deflationv, nrelease air from; reduce in size; fall in prices
degradevreduce in value
dehydrationnextreme loss of water from the body
deleteriousaharmful, injurious
deliberateacarefully weighed or considered; studied
deliberationncareful consideration before decision
delineatevtrace the outline of; describe with precision
delusionna false belief or opinion
demolishvdestroy or ruin
demonstrativeaopen expression of emotions; explanatory
denialndisbelief in the reality of a thing
denouncevcondemn or censure openly or publicly
denudevmake naked or bare, strip
denunciationnpublic condemnation (see denounce)
dependentarelying on others; weak
depersonalizevmake impersonal; deprive of personality
derailvcause to fail or go off track
derelictadeserted, abandoned
derivativeachanged from the original
derivevreceive or obtain from a source or origin
descendvgo downwards
desolateabarren; uninhabited; lonely
despoilvstrip of possessions, plunder, pillage
detachvunfasten and separate; disengage
determinedaresolute; decided
deterrentndiscourages or restrains from acting
deviousashifty or crooked; tricky
devoidacompletely without; not possessing
devotionnprofound dedication or earnest attachment
diaphanousasheer, nearly see-through
dichotomyndivision into two contradictory parts
dictumnan authoritative pronouncement; a saying
diffidencenlack of self-confidence; shyness
digressionnmoving away from the main topic or purpose
dilatoryadelaying; procrastinating
diminishvcause to seem smaller or less important
diplomaticaskilled in dealing with people; tactful
disarmingausing charm to remove hostility or suspicion
discardvcast aside or dispose of
discernvdistinguish or discriminate; perceive
disclaimernstatement that denies responsibility
disclose, disclosurevmake known, reveal
discriminatingarecognizing differences
disdainncontempt; scorn; hatred
disguisevchange appearance
disillusionvdeprive of belief or idealism
disinclinedalacking desire or willingness
disingenuousalacking in candor, insincere
disintegrationndeterioration, decay, falling apart
dismantlevdisassemble, take apart
dismayvupset; sadden
dismissvdischarge, remove; send away
disparagevspeak of negatively; belittle
dispassionatealack of emotion or bias
dispatchnpromptness or speed
dispelvcause to vanish; alleviate; debunk
disperse, dispersive, dispersionv, a, nspread in various directions
disposalngetting rid of
dispositionnattitude; feeling about
disputenargument, debate
disregardvignore; leave out of consideration
disreputenlow regard, disfavor
disruptvinterrupt; cause disorder in
disseminatevspread widely
distentionnexpansion; swelling
distillvextract the essential elements; refine
distinctiveahaving a special quality, notable
distortvtwist ; deform
diverseaof various kinds or forms
divertvturn aside from a path or course; deflect
divisiveaseparating into parts, groups, sections
docileaeasily managed or handled
dominatevcontrol; rule over
dowagernwealthy widow
drabadull or faded
dramatizevexpress vividly, emotionally, or strikingly
drenchedathoroughly wet, soaked
duplicatenexact copy
durableaable to resist wear and decay; enduring
durationnlength of time
dwindlevbecome smaller and smaller; waste away
eccentricapeculiar or odd
eclecticaselecting from various sources
edibleafit to be eaten
edifyvinstruct, benefit
effusiveagushing, overflowing
egalitarianabelief in the equality of all people
egotist, egotisticaln, aconceited, self-centered
elaboratea | vintricate or excessive detail | explain more fully
elitistasnobbish, supercilious
ellipticalaambiguous, cryptic, obscure
elusiveahard to express or define; cleverly evasive
emancipatornliberator; rescuer
embellishvadd to; ornament; adorn
embittervmake angry or hostile
embodyvexpress, personify, or exemplify in concrete form
embracevto hug; to receive eagerly
empathy or empatheticnunderstanding the feelings of another
emphaticastrongly expressive
empiricaderived from experience or experiment
enactvmake law
encompassvinclude everything
encountervcome upon or meet with, especially unexpectedly
encroachvadvance beyond established limits
endangervplace in peril
endorse; endorsementvapprove, support
engagevoccupy the attention or efforts of another
enhancevraise a higher degree, intensify
enigmanmystery; puzzle
enlightenvimpart knowledge; explain
ensurevmake certain
entanglevinvolve in difficulties; complicate; confuse
enthusiasmnlively interest
entouragengroup of attendants or associates
entreatvask or plead
envelopvsurround entirely; wrap in a covering
envisionvpicture mentally
ephemeralashort lived; fleeting
epitomenperfect example; embodiment; template
equanimitynemotional stability or composure
equitableajust and right; fair; reasonable
equivocal, equivocatea | vunclear; uncertain | avoid an issue, evade
eradicatevremove or destroy utterly
erraticaunpredictable; inconsistent
erroneousaincorrect, mistaken
eruditionnknowledge through study; learning; scholarship
esotericaobscure detail; special knowledge or interest
estrangevalienate affections; make unfriendly or hostile
ethicalaright or moral
eulogynpraise of a person or thing (often of the dead)
evaluatevjudge or determine the quality of, assess
evolvevdevelop gradually
exacerbatevincrease the severity of; make worse
exasperationnextreme annoyance
excessiveabeyond the usual, necessary, or proper
exciseainternal tax on goods
excludevshut or keep out
executevcarry out, accomplish; murder
exemplarnan example to be imitated
exhilaratingainvigorating, stimulating
exoneratevclear of wrongdoing
exorbitantahighly excessive
exoticastrikingly unusual; of foreign origin or character
expeditiousaprompt, quick
expendableanot worth keeping; disposable
experimentn, vtry or test to discover or prove
exploitvuse selfishly, especially for profit
exposevmake known, disclose, or reveal; present view
expos‚npublic exposure or revelation
expressvshow, reveal
extantain existence
extirpatevdestroy totally
extolvpraise highly
extractvtake out
extrapolatevinfer an unknown from something that is known
extravagantaexcessive; overly elaborate
extremistnfanatic, radical
fabricationnuntruthful statement; lie
factionngroup within a larger group
famishedaextremely hungry; starving
fastidiousavery careful; fussy; meticulous
fathomvcomprehend, understand
fertilizevenrich (as soil); make pregnant
ferventahaving intensity of spirit; enthusiastic
ficklealikely to change; not constant in affections
fidelitynloyalty; strict observance of promises
filialapertaining to a son or daughter
finaglevachieve by trickery or manipulation
finessenskill in handling a difficult or sensitive situation
fitfularecurring irregularly
flabbergastedaovercome with surprise; bewildered; astounded
flashbacknvivid memory or vision of a past event
flotsamnfloating material, trash
flourishvthrive, prosper
foilnperson or thing that makes another seem better
follynsenseless action
forebodingnfeeling that something bad will happen
foreseevknow in advance
foreshadowvshow or hint beforehand
foresightnact of looking forward
formidableaforceful, powerful
forthrightatruthful; direct, frank; outspoken
fortifyvstrengthen; protect against attack
fostervpromote development; further; encourage
foundervfail utterly, become wrecked; sink
fraud, fraudulentn, adeceit for profit or for unfair advantage
friskyalively, frolicsome, playful
frugalaprudently saving or sparing; economical
funeraryapertaining to a funeral or burial
furiousaextremely angry; irate
furthervhelp forward (as a cause or undertaking)
furtiveasly, shifty, secret
futileaineffective; useless; impossible
gaietynmerriment, liveliness
garishagaudy; tacky; flashy
gaudyaexcessively showy; garish
generalizationnbroad conclusion
generatevbring into existence, produce
gesturenexpression by movement of the body or face
glacialacold; stony; frozen
gloomyadark; dismal or depressing
gluttonousaeating & drinking excessively; greedy, insatiable
gracelessalacking elegance or charm
gratingairritating or unpleasant; harsh
gratuitousadone without charge or payment
groundbreakingapioneering a new endeavor
guaranteevsecure; ensure
gullibleaeasily deceived or tricked
hackneyedacommonplace, trite, banal
harmonicaagreement, congruity; combination of tones
harvestvgather, reap
haughtyaoverly proud; snobbish
hilaritynextreme humor, cheerfulness, merriment
hindervcause delay, hamper, impede
holisticacomplete, whole
hospitalitynfriendly reception or welcoming of guests
hubrisnexcessive pride; arrogance
humaneatender; compassionate; sympathetic
humiliatevpublicly embarrass
humilityna modest opinion of one's own importance
husbandryncareful or thrifty management; conservation
hybridncombination of different sources
hypothesis, hypotheticaln, aunproven theory
hystericalauncontrollably emotional
iconoclastncritic; unbeliever; heretic; non-conformist
idealizevpraise as perfect
idiosyncraticapeculiar characteristic or habit
ignominyndisgrace, dishonor, public contempt
illegibleaunable to read or decipher
immersionnbeing deeply engaged or involved
immuneaprotected; exempt
impenetrableaincapable of being understood
imperativea | nabsolutely necessary or required | command
imperialaof an empire; kingly; commanding; domineering
impersonalaemotionless; unfriendly
impetuousaimpulsive, rash
implacableaunable to be appeased, unbending
implementvperform, carry out, put into effect
implyvindicate or suggest without explicitly stating
impreciseanot defined or exact
impressionneffect, feeling or image received from experience
impressionableaeasily influenced
improbableaunlikely to happen
imprudentanot careful in providing for the future
impudentarude; offensively bold
impugnvchallenge as false; cast doubt upon
impulsiveaswayed by sudden emotions
inaccessibleanot able to be used or entered; not attainable
inadequateanot sufficient; inept or unsuitable
inanealacking sense or significance
inattentionnnegligence; lack of care or consideration
inaudibleaincapable of being heard
incarnateapersonified or typified; in the flesh
inclinationnliking or preference toward something
inclusiveaincluding a great deal or everything
incoherentabaffling, without logical connection, disjointed
incompetentalacking ability or qualification
inconclusiveanot resolving fully all doubts or questions
inconsequentialaof little or no importance
inconspicuousanot noticeable or prominent
incorrigibleabad beyond correction or reform
indecentaoffensive; not in good taste
indecipherableaunable to be read or understood
indecisiveauncertain; unable to decide
indictvcharge with an offense or crime
indiscernibleaunable to be understood
indiscriminatearandom; lacking in selectivity, judgment, or care
indomitableacannot be subdued or overcome
inducevpersuade; bring about
inductionnplacing in office, position; initiation
ineffableaincapable of being described in words
ineptawithout skill or aptitude
inevitableacertain; unable to be avoided
infatuatedafoolishly in love; obsessed
infelicitynunhappiness; bad luck
inferioraof lesser grade
infightingnfighting within a group; fighting at close range
inflexiblearigid or unyielding
informalacasual; familiar; without ceremony
infusionninjection; pouring into
ingeniousacleverly inventive or resourceful
inhibitvhinder or restrain
innateanative to; born with; existing in
innocuousaharmless; inoffensive
innovationnnew ideas or methods
inquirynquestioning, investigation, request for information
insecuritynlack of confidence or assurance, self-doubt
insensitivealack of feeling or consideration; callous
inseparableaincapable of being parted or disjoined
insipidaboring; without interesting or distinctive qualities
insolventaunable to pay debts; bankrupt
inspire, inspirationv, narouse; encourage; stimulate
instantaneousaoccurring at the same time
instinctnnatural impulse or tendency
instrumentalanecessary, important; useful, helpful
insubstantialanot solid or real; imaginary; weak
insurevguarantee against loss or harm
insurrectionistnone who rises against civil authority
integratevbring together or incorporate parts into a whole
integritynhaving moral and ethical principles
intellectualasmart; intelligent; brainy
intemperancenexcessive appetite or passion; lack of restraint
intensifya, vmake stronger
interceptvinterrupt or halt the passage of something
interferevoppose; get in the way; meddle
intermittentaalternately stopping and starting again
intricateacomplicated; detailed
intriguedainterested, curious
intrudevbarge in; interrupt rudely
intuition, intuitiven, aperceive truth without reasoning; hunch
invaluableapriceless; infinitely valuable
invariableanot capable of change; static, constant
invocationnearnest call for help or aid
irateavery angry
ironynintending the opposite of what is stated
irrefutableacannot be disproved
irrelevantanot applicable, insignificant, unimportant
irreproachableafree from blame
irresoluteanot determined, doubtful, weak willed
irreverencenlack of respect
irritableaeasily annoyed
jadedadulled by overindulgence; cynical
jeopardizevrisk, imperil
jingoismnloud and excessive patriotism
jocularafunny, humorous
jubilantavery happy
judgmentalaoverly critical
judiciousawise, sensible
juxtapositionnside by side
knacknspecial skill, talent, penchant
lackadaisicalalazy; without interest or determination
laconicausing few words, terse, concise, succinct, brief
languidaslow; lacking in vigor; lacking in spirit or interest
lassitudenweariness, lack of energy
laxaslack; lenient
legislationnlaws; statutes
legitimateaaccepted; authorized; official
levitynhumor; silliness
liablealegally responsible; susceptible; likely or apt
libelafalse writing that damages a person's reputation
liberatevset free
liquefyvmake liquid
litheaflexible, supple
lobby (for)vcampaign for; argue for
loyalistna supporter of the existing government
lucidaclear, easily understood
lugubriousamournful, dismal, gloomy
lushaluxurious, rich, opulent; abundant
magnanimousahigh-minded; generous
mandatenauthoritative order, command
manifestonpublic declaration of objectives or motives
manipulativeainfluencing others for one's own benefit
marvdamage; harm; scar
mawkishvextremely sentimental; sappy
meagerascanty; inadequate; very small
meddlevinterfere; intrude
mellifluousasweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding
melodramaticaexaggerated emotion; histrionic
mentornwise or trusted counselor or teacher
mercenaryaacting merely for money
mercurialavolatile; fickle; erratic
meticulousaprecise, detailed, very careful, fastidious
miffedairritated; angered
militantaaggressive, combative; belligerent; pugnacious
mischievousasneaky; devilish, wicked
misconceptionnmistaken idea
miscreantnvillain, evil-doer
misfortunenadverse circumstances, bad luck
misguidedamisled, mistaken
misinterpretvunderstand incorrectly
misnomernmisapplied or inappropriate name
mitigate, mitigatorv, nlessen in force or intensity, moderate
mock, mockeryv, nmake fun of; scoff
moderateareasonable; calm; mild
modicumnsmall amount
mollifyvpacify, soothe, calm
momentousavery important
momentumnforce or speed of movement
monarchicalakingly; regal
monotonousaboring; repetitious
monumentalaexceptionally great; of enduring significance
morbidagloomy; diseased
motleyamixed; varied
multifacetedamany sides or abilities
multifariousanumerous; varied; diverse
mundaneacommon, ordinary, banal, unimaginative
mutevmuffle, tone down; silence
na‹ve, na‹vet‚a, nlack of experience, gullible
nefariousaextremely wicked or villainous
negatevto deny; to cause to be ineffective
negligentacareless, indifferent
negligibleainsignificant; almost nothing
negotiatevdeal, bargain
nondescriptaundistinguished, commonplace
nonpartisananeutral; impartial; not political
nostalgianfond memories
noteworthyaworthy of attention; remarkable
notoriousadishonorable, lowly
obligatedamorally or legally bound
obliteratevdestroy completely
obscureaunclear, ambiguous, vague
obsequiousasubmissive; fawning
obtrusiveapushy, obvious
occludevclose or cut off
officiousaself-important, dictatorial
offsetvcounterbalance, compensate for
onerousaburdensome, oppressive, troublesome
onsetnbeginning, start
opportunealucky; favorable; appropriate
opportunismntaking advantage of a situation
opulentawealthy; abundant; rich; lush
orderlyamethodical, organized
ornateaelaborately and often excessively decorated
ossifiedarigid, inflexible
ostentatiousashowy, gaudy
oustvexpel, remove, kick out
outlooknpoint of view
outspokenaforthright; unreserved
overhaulvrestore; fix
overjoyedafeeling great delight, elated
overtain plain sight; clear
pacifistnpeace-lover; opposed to war or violence
painstakingameticulous, thorough; diligent
palpableaplainly seen, heard, or felt
panaceanremedy for everything, cure-all
partisanapartial; biased
passionnlove; enthusiasm
pathosndeep sadness; pity
patronagensupport; condescension
paucitynsmall amount
pedagogicalarelated to teaching methods
pedestrianalacking imagination; commonplace; dull
peevishaannoyed, irritated
penchantnknack; fondness, inclination
penuriousaextremely stingy; extremely poor
perceivevbecome aware of
perquisitenbenefit over and above regular income; perk
persistentadetermined; continuous; enduring
personificationngiving human qualities to non-human things
pertainvrefer or relate (to)
perusevexamine; scan; look over
pettyatrivial, insignificant, trifling; picayune
petulantairritable over petty things
phenomenonnunusual occurrence
philanthropistncharitable donor; humanitarian
philosophicalathinking deeply; reflective; conceptual, theoretical
phlegmaticaeasy going; not easily excited
phobianpersistent, irrational fear
picayuneatrivial, insignificant, trifling; petty
placidapleasantly calm; peaceful
plauditnenthusiastic approval, applause, acclaim
plausibleapossible; believable
pliantaeasily influenced; obedient
polarizedadivided into sharply opposing factions
politicizevapply a political meaning
postponevdelay; put off to a later time
pragmatic, pragmatisma, npractical
praiseworthyadeserving congratulations; commendable
precisionnaccuracy, exactness
precludevmake impossible
precursornsomething that comes before something else
predilectionnfavorable tendency; preference; knack
preeminentaabove or before others, superior
prematureadone too soon; before the proper time
prestigenfame, influence
presumption, presumptiven, ataken for granted, assumed, or supposed
presumptuousaunwarrantedly bold; arrogant
pretentiousaconceited; self-important; haughty
prevailvsucceed, win out
privilegena special right, immunity, or benefit
procurevobtain; get
prodvpoke; rouse, incite
profiteerngreedy person
profoundaintellectual, thoughtful, deep
prognosisnforecast, especially regarding a disease
prohibit, prohibitivev | aforbid; prevent | impossible
prolificahighly productive
prolongvextend, draw out; delay
prominentaleading, important, or well-known; conspicuous
propagandanpolitical messages
propensityna natural inclination or tendency
prophecy, propheticn, aprediction, foretelling
proponentnsupporter, advocate
prosaicacommon; dull, unimaginative
prospectusnbrochure or other describing document
proverbnshort saying; catch phrase; axiom
provoke, provocative, provocationv, a, nincite; anger; arouse
psychiatrynstudy of mental and emotional disorders
publicizevmake widely known; promote
pugnaciousaaggressive, combative; belligerent; militant
punctiliousacareful, exacting; formal
purveyvprovide, supply
puzzlementnmystery; confusion
quellvsuppress, subdue
quixoticaromantic, idealistic, visionary; unrealistic
rambunctiousaloud, energetic, boisterous
rancorousafull of hatred, malice, resentment
ratifyvconfirm, authorize
rationalismnaccepting reason as the supreme authority
rebatenpartial refund
rebuttalnargument against
recessiveapassive, inactive
reciprocatevgive or feel in return
reclusiveaunsociable; secluded; shy
reconcilevsettle a quarrel; make compatible or consistent
reconnaissancenexploration, inspection, observation, survey
recriminatevblame, accuse
rectitudenrightness, decency, virtue
recurringahappening again and again
rediscovervfind or gain knowledge of again
refutevprove false; argue against
regalaroyal, stately, splendid
regeneratevrenew; revive
regressiveabackward; less advanced
regretvfeel sorry or upset about
rehashvwork up (old material) in a new form
reinforcevmake stronger
relevantaapplicable; appropriate; connected to
remissanegligent, careless, slow
remonstratevurgently argue against
renovatevrestore, redo
repealvrevoke, withdraw, annul
repertoryncollection (usually of songs)
repetitiveacontinuous; boring; repeats over and over
reprehensibleavery bad; shameful; blameworthy
repressiveakeeping down; suppressing
reprieventemporary relief; delay punishment
reprimandvrebuke severely
reputableahonorable, respectable, estimable
resignationnact of quitting; acceptance of one's fate
resilientaspringing back; recovering readily from adversity
resoluteaset in purpose or opinion; determined
resourcefulaingenious; inventive; adroit; clever
respitenrest; temporary relief
retainvkeep; hire
reticentasilent; reserved
retractvwithdraw; take back
retrenchvcut down, reduce; remove
retrievevrecover; regain
reverence, reverentialn, adeep respect; awe
revisionistnadvocate of amending or altering
revisitvcome back to
revitalizevgive new life to
rhetoricnspeech; use of language
rhetorical questionnquestion that assumes an answer
rigorousademanding; difficult
robustastrong and healthy; rude
rousingaexciting, stirring
rudimentaryasimple; elementary; undeveloped; primitive
rusticaliving in the country; unsophisticated
salvageableaable to be saved
sanctimoniousahypocritical show of religious devotion
sarcasmnharsh or bitter irony; ironical taunt; facetiousness
satire, satiricalnmocking or making fun of something serious
saturatevwet or drench completely
scandalousashameful; shocking; improper
scarceainsufficient, not abundant
scoffvmock; make fun of harshly
scornncontempt; hatred
scourvthoroughly cleanse; polish
scrupulousaprincipled; careful
scrutinizevexamine in detail
scuttlevrun with quick steps, scurry; destroy
secludedahidden; alone; withdrawn from social activity
sedatevcalm; put to sleep
seditiousarebelling against a government
sedulousadiligent; persevering
sereneacalm, peaceful, tranquil; unruffled
setbackna check to progress; reverse, defeat
shrewdasmart in practical matters; tricky, cunning
shroudvcover, hide from view
sinisteraevil; threatening harm or trouble
skeptical, skepticisma, nquestioning; doubtful
slipshodacareless, untidy, slovenly; seedy; shabby
smugacocky; supercilious; conceited; self-satisfied
sneervshow scorn or contempt
solacencomfort; alleviation of distress
solicitousashow interest; eager to please
sophistrynfalse argument
soporificacausing sleep; boring
sparseascanty; meager; little amount
spellbindingaenchanting, fascinating
spontaneousaunplanned; acting upon sudden impulses
sporadicairregular; scattered
sprawlingaspread out
squandervspend wastefully
squelchvsuppress, silence
staturenheight; level of achievement
status quonthe way things currently are
steadfastafixed in place or direction; unwavering
stiflingastuffy; suffocating
stimulate, stimulating, stimulusv, a, ninvigorate; incite to action
stipulatevagree to a fact or demand
straightforwardadirect; plainspoken
stratifyvplace in layers
streamlinedadesigned for efficiency; compact; simplified
stringentastrict; severe; rigorous
stuntvcut short; slow or stop growth
subduevoverpower by superior force; overcome
subordinatealower rank; less important
subversivearebellious; undermining
succinctaexpressed in few words; concise, terse
sullenamoody; depressed
sundryavarious; diverse
superciliousahaughty; contemptuous; pompous; conceited
supplantvtake the place of another
suppleabending without breaking, flexible
supplementvadd to; complete
supportiveaproviding sympathy or encouragement
suppressvkeep in or repress (as a feeling)
sustenancenmeans of supporting life; nourishment; livelihood
symbioticacooperative or interdependent relationship
syncopatevshorten word; change rhythm
systematicainvolving a method or plan
tacitaunspoken, unstated; implicit
tactfuladiplomatic; careful not to offend
tactileatouchable, tangible
tangentialaoff topic; unrelated
tauntvmake fun of in an insulting manner
temperamentalamoody, irritable, or sensitive; unpredictable
temperateamoderate; mild
temperedvlessened in force or intensity
temporizevindecisive or evasive to gain time; procrastinate
tenableareasonable; defensible
tenaciousapersistent; never giving up
tentativeauncertain; hesitant
tenuousalacking a sound basis; thin; perilous
terminatevbring to an end; dismiss from a job
testifyvgive evidence
theorem, theorynproposition to be proved
thesisnprimary argument or proposition
thought-provokingastimulating mental activity
thrivevgrow or develop vigorously; prosper
thunderousaproducing a loud noise
timewornashowing the effects of age
totalitarianadictatorial; authoritarian
transitoryalasting a short time, temporary
transmitvsend; pass, spread
treaclyaoverly sentimental; sappy
tremulousatrembling; timid, fearful
tribulationnserious trouble, severe suffering
tributengift, compliment
triteaunoriginal; boring
trivializevcause to appear unimportant
trucensuspension of hostilities
truculentaaggressively hostile, belligerent
unabashedanot concealed or disguised; obvious; unashamed
unanticipatedanot realized beforehand or expected
unapproachableanot accessible; not easy to meet
underminevattack by secret or underhanded means
understatementndescribing in restrained terms or as less than it is
unemphaticallyawithout emphasis
unequivocalaclear; having only one possible meaning
unforeseenanot known in advance
unhinderedaunrestrained; not slowed or blocked
unimpressiveanot arousing awe or admiration
unintelligibleanot capable of being understood
unprecedentedanot occurring previously; novel
unrelentingacontinuing; not easing or stopping
unsubstantiatedaunproved; unverified
unsuitableaunfitting; inappropriate
unswervingastraight, direct course; steadfast
unvaryingaconstant; not changing
unwarrantedalacking justification or authorization
unwittingaunaware; ignorant; oblivious
unyieldingasteadfast; stubborn; firm; hard
vacillatevwaver; go back and forth
validatevsubstantiate; give official approval
valornbravery, courage
variegatedavaried, diverse; patches of different colors
vectorndirection; bearing; heading
venalitynopenness to bribery or corruption
venerableacommanding respect
verbalizevexpress in words
verboseawordy, long winded
versatileacapable of different tasks; having many uses
viableapractical, workable; livable
vicariousaimagined experience of others
viciousareadily disposed to evil; malicious
vigilantacareful, watchful; alert; on guard; wary
vindicatevclear from accusation; justify
vindictiveahateful, revengeful
virtuenmoral excellence, goodness, righteousness
vitalitynliveliness; energy
vividaintense; clear
vocationncareer; occupation
voluminousaof great size, fullness, or volume
vulgaracrass; rude; obscene
vulnerableaopen to attack; weak; helpless
wanevdecrease in strength, intensity, etc.
waryasuspicious; alert; on guard; vigilant
wavervbegin to fail or give way; show indecision
whimsicalaunpredictable; playful; spontaneous; capricious
widespreadaextensive; broadly distributed
winnowvseparate valuable from worthless parts
wordplaynwitty or clever verbal exchange
worldlyaexperienced; knowing; sophisticated
wrathnstrong anger
wrongheadedawrong in judgment or opinion; misguided