SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition)

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Unlock Your SAT Potential!

SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) guides you step-by-step through all of the subjects of the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I).

Designed by a professional SAT tutor and developed over many years with hundreds of individual students, SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) includes a unique test prep system that is proven to dramatically improve SAT scores.

SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) is also chock full of example questions, test taking strategies, tips and tricks to give you that extra edge you need to succeed on this all-important test.


The ONLY SAT study guide that organizes
10 tests’ worth of questions from
The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd ed. (OSSG)*
by topic and difficulty.


Official SAT Study Guide (OSSG)

Published by the College Board, The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd ed. (OSSG)* contains 10 tests’ worth of authentic questions written by the test makers themselves.  Practicing with these official questions is essential to understanding the exact type and format you are likely to see on test day.

Yet while using official SAT questions is by far the best way to practice, the various questions in the OSSG are all jumbled up within ten different tests, making it extremely difficult to study individual SAT topics.

SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) solves this fundamental problem by sorting the official questions by topic (so you can practice the same question topic over and over until you master it) and by difficulty (so you can start with easy questions and progressively work your way to the hardest ones).

 To master an SAT topic:

1. Read the SAT Unlocked rule, example, and any tips.                2. Answer the OSSG questions in the order listed.

It’s THAT easy!

This simple, yet powerful test prep system has dramatically improved
the SAT scores of students at every level of ability.

And it can improve your SAT score too!

SAT Unlocked II
covers every subject and topic tested on the SAT.

SAT Basics
Start with the basics. SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) includes test-taking techniques, guessing strategies, and other tips to maximize your SAT score. Also included are explanations of SAT test structure, scoring processes, percentiles, and more.

SAT Reading
SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) provides a unique system for SAT Passage Reading that is effective with students at every reading level. A hands-on tutorial guides you step-by-step through official passages as you learn a simple strategy that targets the fundamental reason students most often miss questions.

SAT Math
You don’t need to be a math genius to score well on the SAT. SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) clearly explains each and every SAT Math topic. Specially designed example questions hone the specific math skills you need to succeed while showing you practical, time saving strategies for answering even the most difficult questions.

SAT Writing
Don’t waste time on grammar rules that you won’t see on the actual SAT.  SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) targets the specific grammar rules tested on the SAT and shows you exactly how each type of question tests each rule. You’ll also learn a special SAT Writing multiple choice strategy that ensures you answer questions other students often miss.

SAT Essay
Don’t sweat the Essay! SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) shows you an easy way to write high scoring essays using an SAT-optimized format. Brain storming exercises, timing strategies, and example essay also included to get you ready.

SAT Test Day
Everything you will need for the big day: a checklist for what to bring, tips on what and when to eat and drink, what to wear, how to keep your own time, and more!

SAT Quick Review
The Quick Review chapter boils all of the SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) strategies down to a few convenient pages, which is great for last minute study and review.

SAT Vocabulary
SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) includes a comprehensive list of definitions for over 1000 SAT vocabulary words culled directly from the OSSG, along with vocabulary worksheets so you can target the specific words you have trouble remembering.


Great for Tutors Too!

An instructional guide and training workbook all in one, SAT Unlocked II (vocabulary edition) is also the perfect choice for tutors looking for professional, easy-to-teach SAT study materials in one complete package.  Even includes homework schedules and vocabulary worksheets right in the book!


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